Acupuncture for the Soul

typpity-typpity In the morning, when I open the computer, I am eager to get to the blank screen. The whiteness appears and I feel soothed.  My finger pads race over the keys.  It’s acupuncture for the soul.

The rhythmic tapping relaxes me:  deepens my breathing, settles my body, opens my mind.  I feel spacious and receptive.  I don’t know what will come.  I don’t  know my mood, what I will do, what I will say. I have no idea who I am yet.  Only this:  the tips of my fingers connect with the keys and they feel alive.

Then I feel alive–and ready.


Photo Credit: Amancay Maahs via Compfight

3 thoughts on “Acupuncture for the Soul

  1. Ned Kessler

    I can relate to this, because it’s almost identical to the way I feel when, after prayer, I pick up my 5. mm Pentel pencil, especially my maroon one!) and make fresh lines on an 8.5″ x 11″ yellow sheet of parer. I wish I could feel this way when sitting down to a blank computer screen, and this semester, with the advent of “Buster” and your class, I’ve been making an effort to attain this state. Maybe I can learn this, I told myself. So far, it’s still a struggle, but I have hope that through the use of a Mavis Beacon typing CD I may be able to learn the touch-typing skills I think I need in order feel creative in front of a blank computer screen. Your energy and pursuit of self-improvement is an inspiration!

  2. Lucille

    Indeed, Ned. Dr. Lezlie has been an inspiration to me since I was fortunate enough to be in a 2005 class where she ignited every student in the room. Thank you, Professor Laws. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. One is never too old to tap into that energy, which you have always shared so unselfishly.

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