Life Happens Through You

London's Green Park at Dusk

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you.  Life is unfolding to its own end in collaboration with your willingness to create.  How willing are you to collaborate?  If you’re not sure how to answer this question, look closely at your situation these days and answer these questions:

1.  How is your life going? Does it feel good, and interesting, and sustaining in mind, body, and spirit?

2.  What are you creating?  Are you cultivating your best skills and talents?  Or are you relying on old, safe patterns?

3.  Are you experiencing your experiences?  Or are you shut down and numbed out?   Do you spend your precious moments of aliveness re-hashing the past or anxiously anticipating the future, instead of being present in the moment?

If you’re not creating the life you want to lead or the art you want to produce, I would love to work with you through the LifeArt Studio to find ways to re-set your life’s navigation system.  It’s not really that hard to return to a beautiful path, one that allows you to create your LifeArt!


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3 thoughts on “Life Happens Through You

  1. Don

    I think the key to understanding how to get out of the dumps and being able to move back to a period of creativity is to admit and recognize the fact that life is sinusoidal. If we realize that simple fact, (it is Taoist in nature) than we can embrace the idea that this to will pass. I am coming out of one of those phases. My last term in school was very disappointing. I then paid someone to trash a piece of work I have researched and worked passionately on for many years. It took a few weeks to work itself out but I am back to my old self again, dreaming and moving forward. I took the emphasis off of what I did in the past and moved it to what I’m going to write once this one is finished. School has morphed from a wonderfully hopeful experience to a job complete with reviews. I don’t do employee very well but I will soon be out of there. I embrace and understand that particular phase of my life will pass soon enough. I imagine in my mind that life is best when we acknowledge the down side is unavoidable, and that this to shall pass. With that perspective is in place the goal should be to make the downside of the the sinusoidal wave to not travel below -1 and the upside to be at least +2 or greater. Funny how math and spirituality can exist, don’t you think?

    I enjoy your post,

  2. Philip Deaver

    Someone said recently that the president of Harvard College said, “Creativity is another kind of knowledge.” This seems to affirm what you say in the recent post. What I like about this being a quote from the president of Harvard is that he clearly doesn’t see creativity as soft or unworthy of a college like Harvard. He seems to say that creativity is another way of knowing, perhaps a way not be ignored or overlooked if one is in search of a fuller life.

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