On Planning

draft I have a friend who disdains planning.  He has dedicated himself to spontaneous living.  And for him, this resistance to planning on almost any level–work, play, relationships–seems to work.

I, on the other hand, seem to be hard-wired for planning.  It often works this way:   Making a plan for what I want to accomplish enlists forces of the universe to support my intention.  People appear, ideas collect, resources rise up, as if by magic, and my clear and beneficial intention begins to manifest, one small event, one small moment at a time.  And one day, I wake up and my plan is no longer a concept, a dream, or a vague yearning.  It is concrete.  It is in the world of form.  And I bow down and kiss the earth in gratitude.

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2 thoughts on “On Planning

  1. Wendy Goddard

    Lezlie, so glad to see the website up again! Both this post and “Last Night I Told a Lie” resonated deep within me. Hope to discuss this as well as catch up with you over coffee or a meal when I get back from my trip. Feeling gratitude for your wisdom and friendship in my life.

  2. lostintranslatn

    Absolutely love this! I am such a planner, and lately I’ve been struggling to reconcile that with the yogic principle of being in the moment. Am I still “in the moment” if I planned to get there? Or if I spend it planning to get somewhere else, more beautiful, more precious? My heart says yes.

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