An Ecology of Talent

51OQmT-deRL._AA160_I was thrilled to have such a great turn out for the Show Your Work! Creative Momentum Gathering last week. And on such a rainy night! I thank Lauren Zimmerman of Writer’s Block Bookstore for co-hosting this event with LifeArt Studio, and Cocina 214 for providing the great space for us. But mostly I thank you for participating in our “creative collective,” the LifeArt Studio effort to inform, inspire, and support creatives in doing their deep work in the world.

We truly are creating what musician Brian Eno calls “scenius,” a group of creative individuals who make up an “ecology of talent.”  It feels good, doesn’t it?

Lots of good advice came to us from poet Susan Lilley and from Austin Kleon’s great little book called Show Your Work!, and I hope you returned to your own artful practice the next day with new energy. Julie Dunsworth, the best note-taker of all time, made a list of the websites that were mentioned. (Thank you, Julie!)

Bulletproof – Reach the State of High Performance
The Gloria Sirens
Vermont Studio Center
Carla Sonheim | “The Joy of Collage” with Lynn Whipple
750 Words – Write every day.
McRae Art Studios

At the end of Show Your Work!, Austin Kleon makes a call to action, and I meant to offer the call at the end of our session. He writes:

• Go online and post what you’re working on right now with the hashtag #showyourwork.
• Plan a “Show Your Work!” night with colleagues or friends. Use this book as a guide—share works-in-progress and your curiosities, tell stories, and teach one another.

As we said last week, something happens when you let your work come into the light of day, when it receives the attention of a few caring people. That work becomes much more willing to be in the world — and to grow. And you, the creator, begin to change, too, and become much more willing to be your artful self in the world. It’s kind of magic. This week, try showing someone something you’ve made — without apologizing for it! — and let us know how it feels.

And as always, let us know how we can support you in your artful endeavors. That’s what we do at LifeArt Studio! Check our Classes & Events page for upcoming workshops, events, and coaching.

Wishing you a color-splash day,


3 thoughts on “An Ecology of Talent

  1. Hasi Arendt

    Wondering when you are going to “show your work.” I am really suspect of so-called creativity coaches who don’t practice what they preach.

  2. Charlene Edge

    Just a note to thank you, Lezlie, for that inspiring night at Cocina 214. Creativity encompasses many aspects of life, so I think the topic opened a good discussion. I have your book, Twelve Doors: Writing for Pleasure, Self-Expression, and Storytelling (2011) — a good example of showing your work!

    1. Lezlie Laws

      Thank you, Charlene. Always a joy to share time, energy, and inspiration with you and our lovely creative community.

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