Lezlie HomeI take only a few coaching clients, and the kind of work we do individually varies widely. I am a writing teacher by profession, so I work with clients who want help developing focus and intention in their writing life.

I also work with people who want to cultivate an effective, fluid process and healthy attitude about their creative endeavors, no matter what form their creativity may take. Sometimes, we lose confidence in just what our creative work is all about, or worry about wasting our time in an activity that may not result in accolades from the world. We need a reminder that we are born to create, and with the right skills and mindset, we can enrich our lives through our creative efforts.

Contact me for a no-cost, ninety-minute consultation about your needs and interests, and we can decide what direction might be most supportive of your creativity. If I can’t help, I’ll bet I know someone who can.