How We Work

At LifeArt Studio, we create experiences for people who are beginning to wake up to their creative potential.  We offer yoga classes, facilitate workshops, conduct retreats, and give private coaching for people yearning to live more fully, and create with more intention.  Our intention is to inspire and motivate our clients to see their original and deep potential, to undertake transformative practices, and to shape the life and the art they were born to create.

What Results Can You Expect to Receive

Before we begin working together, we gain a good deal of information surrounding your desires, as well as the obstacles holding you back.  We’ll outline reasonable goals for your work with us and give you a clear pathway for achieving those goals in a reasonable time frame.  These are the results you can expect when you work with LifeArt Studio:

– We all have patterns (conditioned responses) acquired through life experience; and we become dull (and ineffective) when we repeat those patterns mindlessly.  Here, we learn practices that make us aware of those patterns.  You’ll develop skills and new habits allowing you to do something different from what you’ve done before.  And by diminishing limiting patterns, something new rises up quite naturally.  A new attitude, a new art, a new vision.
– Through LifeArt coaching, you are asked to become something different from what you’ve been in the past.  This can be daunting, a challenge that excites some of us and scares others of us.  But this is exactly when a trusted teacher/coach/mentor becomes important.  We know that, over time, small, manageable, intentional shifts in awareness and action lead to big transformations—to the next best version of you.
– At crucial points in our work together, we re-examine your goals and intentions and course correct, if necessary.  Through LifeArt Studio coaching and mentoring, you will construct the life systems, the habits of mind, and the positive attitudes necessary to create the artful life you want to live, as well as the art you want to create.

Our work with clients includes

  • engaging in exploratory writing and conversation
  • experiencing deep reflection and questioning
  • cultivating honesty and clear perception
  • developing foundational practices
  • examining habits of mind (the good, the bad, and the ugly)
  • identifying obstacles
  • clarifying values and intentions
  • establishing clear and actionable goals
  • and developing systems for being accountable to those goals.

Guiding Beliefs of LifeArt Studio

First and foremost we believe that everyone is creative, and that that there are a number of ways to disarm the obstacles that often keep us from being creative.
No matter where we are on our creative path, we all have the need to stay motivated, focused, and to develop the tools and skills necessary to construct a life that allows our best art to emerge.   Sometimes we need community, sometimes we need privacy, and sometimes we need a guide to remind us what is valuable and gratifying in our lives—and worth doing.  We believe your art is so worth doing.

A client from a workshop conducted by LifeArt Studio wrote this:

I was startled to see how the little bit of breath work we did gave me an opening to new material, or maybe it was a new way of understanding my material.  As Lezlie led us through the exercises, I softened into my body and relaxed, and I dropped some of the assumptions I had been making about my story.  Suddenly I saw my story in a very different way.  I was “feeling” the story instead of “thinking about” the story, and that gave me so many more options for writing.  It became the story that was waiting to be told, not the story that was being pried from my fearful grip on the idea.  It felt so good.

With each offering at LifeArt Studio, we strive to create events and conversations that elicit new perceptions about how creative spirit moves and expresses, and how to cultivate that movement and expression.  No teacher, mentor, or coach can figure this out for you.  But through carefully orchestrated experiences, combined with your dedication to the process, your unique wisdom, intelligence, creativity, and intuition come forth.  And when that happens, you are on your way to becoming the artist you were born to be.

LifeArt Studio was founded by Lezlie Laws with the understanding that there is within each of us a creative impulse, a desire to express our perceptions and understandings of the world in unique and satisfying ways.  This act of expression is a co-creative process involving some mysterious source/energy/spirit that wants to grow, evolve, move, deepen, express through each one of us.  This process of expression is what we are here to experience.

The Power of Good Questions

We ask our clients to begin their process with us by making a bold statement and then asking a provocative question, a question that will set us off on our journey together:

buddhaI want to be a good _____________________________. (Fill in the blank with whatever creative endeavor is nudging you.)
What should I do?

From this short exercise, we’re off to another series of provocative questions:

What is my deep work in the world?
How can I live with equanimity and intention?
How can I live my life more creatively?
How do I balance the needs of my work life and the desires of my creative life?
How can I shape my days and my spaces to support my creative intentions?
How do I become more honest about the ways I keep myself from pursuing my creative work?
How do I find a community that shares my desire to cultivate my deep creativity?
What practices will lead me to a more engaged and productive creative life?
How does the life I’m constructing minute by minute, connect me ever more powerfully to the creative source of all that is?

We believe that answering these questions will create alignment with your deep purpose, and will lead to your life of flourishing.

What Makes Us Unique

Lezlie Laws has taught literature, writing, and the ancient wisdom traditions for 45 years, most recently at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.  She holds a PhD from the University of Missouri, and has honed her skills as a scholar, a teacher, a mentor, and a coach throughout her career.  Now, she brings her knowledge of neuro-psychology, creativity studies, and the great wisdom traditions of the world to LifeArt Studio.  Her teaching and coaching sit at the intersection of these three arenas, showing clients how contemporary research confirms the practices of early wisdom traditions.

In addition, Lezlie is a practitioner of astanga yoga and a yoga teacher.  Her training in mind-body practices infuses her coaching.  Her clients are introduced to the LifeArt Foundational Practices, habits that fuel mind, body, and spirit and give access to creative capacities.  She is unique among coaches in that she directs clients to look at the “whole life system” that is supporting (or inhibiting) the way they express themselves in life and in art.

Does this Sound Right for You?

Do you seek a life of gentle movement toward artful living, instead of a life of graceless and exhausting effort toward vague goals, or even worse, a life by default?

Do you want to shape the life and the art you were born to create?

If the answer to these questions is yes, the offerings of LifeArt Studio will be very appealing to you.  See them here.