LifeArt Day — a signature experience

How can you flourish when you think it’s just too hard, or you’re feeling stuck, or you’re confused about how to make changes?

Many of us feel trapped in a gap between where we are today and where we want to be at some glorious point in the future. Regrets of the past and fear of the future suppress our best life and our natural capacity to flourish in it.

We feel stuck and anxious; we lack focus or energy; we’re overly vulnerable to what we perceive to be mistakes of the past. We sacrifice valuable time being actors a never-ending series of dramas.  We play ourselves small.  Eventually, however, a small yearning begins to well up within us; a precious inner voice wonders if this is how life has to be.

In my work as a teacher, coach, and mentor over the past 45 years, I’ve discovered that most people know when they’re not living their best and most joyful life.  Some think it’s impossible.  Some think they don’t deserve it.  But I disagree.

I speak with many people who have felt completely stymied at one time, and then they shifted, re-claimed their enthusiasm for life and for making meaningful contributions to the world.

If you are reading this, you may already be on that trajectory.

Perhaps you know what you want to change about your life or you have ideas about things you’d like have, do, create, and contribute. But you’re unsure how to proceed, unable to take action because you face one or several of the obstacles below.

  1. You lack the skills and practices you need to cultivate life circumstances that allow you to move forward.
  2. You lack appropriate habits of mind and attitudes to make your most artful life a reality.
  3. Fear and anxiety get in the way of offering your unique talents and gifts to others and to the world. (When you’re in a constant state of fight or flight, which many of us are, you have no access to your most creative self.)

This is not a joyful space to inhabit.

Instead, imagine another life.

In this version of your life, you have a clear pathway to following your heart and achieving what it really wants to achieve.  To do this you must

  1. develop the skillful means, habits of mind, and life practices you need to live your most artful life.
  2. cultivate an empowering sense of self-agency—the capacity to call on all that is within you and readily influence your environment.
  3. conquer the fear and anxiety suppressing your natural capacity to flourish and keeping you from making your highest contribution to humanity.


Do you think its possible?

My answer is, “Yes!” These outcomes are achievable when you have a method that can be practiced and leads to the manifestation of your heart’s deepest desires.

Though these things won’t suddenly appear by themselves, there is a way of having them in your life…

Introducing LifeArt Day™

A LifeArt Day is a transformational experience—a full day devoted to defining the highest expression of your most artful life. It’s for people who want to set their life on a new trajectory. It’s for people wanting to make a BIG shift in how they experience their lives. It is not for the timid. It is for the courageous, passionate, and bold.

For one full day you’ll suspend your busy life and immerse yourself in the LifeArt Studio space and meditation garden in Winter Park, Florida.  You’ll relax, breathe, erase your mental chalkboard.  You’ll have the time and the space to imagine and step into your most artful, joyful life.

As your coach I will help you create a roadmap to living that life. Energized, aligned, and clear, you’ll leave your LifeArt Day with high levels of certainty, confidence, and clarity for a new vision of an ultra-bright future.

A sample of what you will experience:

  • A deep, satisfying sense of clarity and confidence that your life is changing for the better.
  • A feeling of being in control of your life and how you want to direct it consciously.
  • Reduced stress, more energy, and higher levels of performance.
  • A sense of balance and inner alignment in all aspects of your life.
  • More time for the people and things that matter most to you.
  • Improved and more productive relationships with everyone you interact with.
  • Meaningful impact on your life and on the world.
  • A better life as defined by you.

What makes this program unique?

LifeArt Day, your personal creativity and life-transformation retreat, lays the foundation for your most artful life.

For many reasons, people suppress their natural capacity to be creative and to flourish.  They never experience or share their most precious gifts with the world.

Whether it’s art, music, nature, family, business, or philanthropy, you need three keys to set your creative capacity on a new trajectory. A LifeArt Day gives you all three:

  1. The LifeArt Studio Five Foundational Practices.™   These are the habits of mind and skillful means to smoothly enter the space of your most artful, joyful life. We’ll examine where you are with each practice and set a course for continuous improvement.
  2. An environment that helps you quiet your mind and reflect on that which is most important to you. You’ll have that and more at the LifeArt Studio, and you’ll learn how to create that within your own, unique create-space.
  3. Mentoring from a coach to help you tap into and explore the innermost reaches of your heart and intuition and discover the roadmap to your deepest desires. I’ll help you try on different perspectives until we find the ones that fit you best.

Winter Park, Florida, is a perfect place for your private retreat. It’s a haven for creative people—artists, writers, consultants and people who enjoy inhabiting a deeply creative and joyful space.  Here’s a small sample of Winter Park’s creative energy:

  • the heralded Winter Park Art Festival
  • the International Fringe Festival
  • PechaKucha
  • Winter with the Writers: A Festival of the Literary Arts
  • Florida Film Festival
  • Leu Gardens
  • and more than I could possibly list here

Creativity simply oozes up off the sidewalks in this lovely village.   Inspiration and beauty are in the air.

For your Day, the safe, contemplative space and gardens of the LifeArt Studio allow you to quiet the inner critic and take notice of what’s going on inside. You’ll imagine the future, consider what is possible, set yourself on a whole new trajectory, or upgrade yourself so you can succeed on an existing one.  And most importantly, you’ll begin to cultivate the skillful means to remove obstacles and banish the causes of self-sabotage.

With decades of experience and study in the fields of creativity, neuroscience, and the ancient wisdom traditions, I will guide you through your LifeArt Day.  You (and your significant other should he or she join you) will be my sole focus for the entire day.


What you’ll get in a LifeArt Day

LifeArt Days are conducted at the LifeArt Studio in Winter Park, Florida. The Studio is a creative and powerful place. It’s a place where you can rejuvenate, reflect, and redirect. It’s where inner transformations and big shifts occur.

Part 1: Before your Day

Once you’ve decided to invest in yourself and your life with a LifeArt Day, all you have to do is choose a date and make travel arrangements if necessary. From there we guide you through an easy step-by-step process. You’ll do a few insightful and enjoyable homework assignments and have a conversation or two with your coach to define desired outcomes for your LifeArt Day. That’s it!

Part 2: During your Day

We create a space of creativity, clarity, excitement, and enjoyment for you. Your LifeArt Day is totally focused on helping you to discover the vision for your most artful life. We’re there with you every step of the way to keep you centered and on track, moving gracefully towards your most joyful, meaningful life.

Your LifeArt Day will be from 8 or 9 AM to 4 or 5 PM. Your lunch is our treat and we’ll schedule breaks throughout the day as needed. During the Day you will experience some or all of the following: open and honest discussion, creativity exercises, journaling, guided meditations and breathing practices, and visioning work.

It’s your Day and you’re always in control. You set the pace. We’ll make suggestions, but you only have to do what works for you. Our job is to keep you in a state of openness and relaxation so you can occupy that space of unlimited potential that resides in all of us.

When your Day is complete you’ll be ready to rest and relax and let everything “simmer.” You might want to enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the many fine restaurants in Winter Park. We can also offer referrals for massage, fitness and wellness, and other healing or relaxation treatments in Winter Park.

What’s included in my LifeArt Day?

Your LifeArt Day is created especially for you and your unique situation. But every LifeArt Day typically includes:

  • Some easy and enjoyable assignments to establish desired outcomes for your Day.
  • Transportation, if you require it, to and from where you are staying in Winter Park.
  • A full day led by LifeArt founder, Lezlie Laws.
  • A delicious, healthful, energizing lunch.
  • Snacks and beverages throughout the day.
  • After your Day (and so you don’t have to worry about taking notes) you will receive a detailed LifeArt Roadmap. It will have your vision and plan for stepping into the space of your most artful, joyful life. We’ll also include important insights from the Day.

Part 3: After your Day

For one month after your LifeArt Day, you’ll have three follow-up sessions with your coach to review goals, share progress, and cover questions.


Is a LifeArt Day right for you?

A LifeArt Day is the best investment you make can in yourself and your future if you can check one or more of the following:

  • You’re ready to experience a big shift in your life through a deeply personal and transformative experience.
  • You’re on the precipice of starting something new or making a major life transition.
  • You’d like to set some concrete goals, make new commitments, and prioritize what’s most important to you in life.
  • You’d like to clarify and start something new that’s important to you.
  • You want to have the habits of mind, life skills, and personal practices you need to increase the quality of your life experience.

Going it alone and “toughing it out” is not the answer anymore. There are proven resources and roadmaps available to you right now to step into the space of your most artful life and to reignite your natural capacity to flourish in all ways.

The next step

To find out if a LifeArt Day is right for you, request a no-cost Creative Momentum Session. In this 60-90 minute session we’ll explore your unique situation, what challenges you’re facing, and what outcomes you’d rather be having. Then, and only if it’s appropriate, we’ll talk about booking a LifeArt Day for you.

Whatever the outcome, you’ll leave the conversation more clear and excited about what’s possible.

The conversation can be done in person, by phone, or Skype. Contact, and I get back to you in 1-2 business days.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Lezlie Laws