Ten Big Ideas for Flourishing in Your Artful Life

The LifeArt Studio TEN BIG IDEAS for Flourishing in Your Artful Life are the core ideas upon which LifeArt Studio is built.  This space, located in beautiful Winter Park, Florida, is a place for creatives of all types to come together to explore deep and practical ways to live life artfully and produce art happily.  Our wish for everyone is this:

that your body be strong and agile;
that your mind be clear and radiant;
and that your heart be filled with loving kindness.

We believe these qualities allow for an artful life of joy, service, and high performance.

But sometimes, we lose sight of the unique conditions of living and the specific habits of mind that actually cultivate these qualities of mind, body, spirit.

That’s where LifeArt Stduio can help.  We offer workshops, retreats, and individual coaching designed to help you create conditions and cultivate habits that will sustain living your highest and best artful life.

And that process starts with the LifeArt Studio TEN BIG IDEAS.

Studying and reflecting upon these ideas will give you insights into the false assumptions, negative attitudes, or destructive practices that keep you from creating your best work.  And putting these ideas into practice is the key to disarming the negativity and the fear that grip many people who try to step into a new space of creating.
Based on research in the field of creativity, lessons from the ancient wisdom traditions, and the knowledge that science offers us in the mind-body connection, these TEN BIG IDEAS form the core of each offering coming out of LifeArt Studio.

Want to get started?

We offer a no-cost 90-minute Creative Momentum Session to discuss your dreams and yearnings for a more creative life.  We’ll consider ways to upgrade the conditions and habits of mind that will allow you to flourish in every arena of your “one wild and precious life.”

Let us be the bold step you take toward creating the next best version of yourself.