workwithmeAstanga Yoga is an ancient tradition of study and discipline that brings about focus, mindfulness, clarity, and intention. The yoga path is a precise and tangible metaphysical methodology for developing a greater clarity of the way in which we see and know ourselves, and thus in they way we conduct ourselves. It addresses the intermingling of physical, mental, and spiritual energies that fosters the life we yearn to lead and the art we are born to create.

The path has eight limbs that constitute the curriculum of the Astanga methodology. To a certain extent, I address all of the limbs in my coaching and my workshops, but most people know the third limb best, the postures that we practice when we go to a yoga studio. This is a great place to begin a study of the full yogic tradition.

On Saturdays I teach a mobility training class at ESPY, designed to develop the flexibility, core strength, and endurance necessary to get the most from your strength training or your yoga practice.  Find class schedule at

I look forward to breathing deeply and moving mindfully with you. It’s a great way to build a fire under your creative spirit.